SELECT STAFF - AMARILLO Various Industrial Positions in AMARILLO, Texas

Select Staff is looking for people to fill the following jobs in Amarillo and some surrounding towns NOW: Certified Crane Operator CNC Operator Slip-form Paver Welders basic and experienced Mechanic Commercial Millwork all processes Mechanic to Refurbish Equipment Maintenance Machine Operation various types (no description below) Crane Operator If you are certified as a crane operator and have experience with mobile cranes, tower cranes, boom trucks, self-erect tower cranes, etc., please visit with us about this job. This job will provide a minimum of 50 hours per work week and employees will be traveling to Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Candidates MUST have a current CDL. CNC Operator This client needs a machinist/CNC Operator. The candidate must be able to use a lathe, possess iron worker skills, and be experienced with metal processing. Slip-form Paver Slip-form paving is a process used to consolidate, form, and finish a Paver Compacted Concrete (PCC) mass by pulling the forms continuously through and surrounding the plastic concrete mass. These processes facilitate the construction of highly durable motorways or airport runways. If you have this experience, we want to visit with you. Welders Entry level welders needed, 95% Mig welding using a gas welder. Reading blueprints is preferred but not required. Candidates should be able to create a line/seam at the least; put a truss together at the most. Commercial Millwork Customer needs several people that are willing to be taught, will LISTEN AND LEARN, and can use tape measure. If experience extends to painting, cabinet building, etc., those are a plus, but not necessary. Being prompt and showing up every day is the key to a permanent career with this company. There are no special background requirements to work for this client. The hours are great with no work on the weekends. . Mechanic Sub division of this client where they buy and refurbish large, crushing equipment. Need able bodied people that can climb and are not afraid of heights, must be mechanically inclined, and able to work on lawn mowers, tractors, forklifts, cranes, and general yard equipment. Maintenance People that work well in this position are those with elevator maintenance, computer maintenance, and apartment maintenance experience. Must have experience with wires, motors, and parts and be able to flush and clean equipment. If you have any of the following skills and solid job history, please apply at and call us today at 331-8020 to speak with any of our staff members. If you have already applied with Select Staff or you are already our employee there is no need to come to the job fair, just call us to make yourself available for work!