COALITION OF HEALTH SERVICES Administrative Assistant in AMARILLO, Texas

The primary purpose of this position is to provide direct administrative support to the Program Director of Uniting Parents and assist with the everyday functions for the Uniting Parents program. This position is responsible for a variety of projects and administrative/clerical duties which ensure smooth operation of the Uniting Parents programs. Responsible for utilizing and implementing a computerized program for data collection and tracking of child/family information. Responsible for the gathering of information and developing the quarterly Uniting Parents newsletter. Performs receptionists duties, takes referrals and/or messages. Provides information and referral services to the public. The administrative assistant helps with the overall planning and coordination of meetings and workshops including the Path to Partnership meeting held quarterly. Secures room rental and/or space for program activities. Prepares agendas and sign-in forms for all activities. Types correspondence and types minutes from staff meetings. Maintains accounting records for all assigned programs. Reviews accounting records for accuracy. Responsible for reviewing and maintaining program budget compliance. Orders supplies and maintains inventory of office equipment and supplies. Reviews and submits check request for staff travel and other expenses prior to final approval by program director. Complies and submits CSHCN quarterly reports. Disseminates monthly child reports at the beginning of the month to the Regional DSHS office, the program director & the case managers. Disseminates data base reports to case managers two weeks prior to end of each quarter. Assist with marketing functions appropriate to the Uniting Parents program and the Coalition of Health Services, Inc.. Participates in professional growth and development. Dresses in a professional manner; wears name badge while on duty. Performs effective intervention(s) in situations requiring trouble shooting and problem solving. Exhibits good coping skills for personal stress. Complies with all Coalition Policies and Procedures. Performs other duties as assigned. JOB QUALIFICATIONS: A. Education: High School Diploma or higher. B. Personal Job-Related Skills: Must have good verbal and written communication skills. Must have good organizational and follow through skills. Ability to exercise good judgement and discretion in handling confidential information. Must be self-motivated and able to work independently. Must be able to effectively prioritize responsibilities. Must have good computer skills and software knowledge of: Microsoft Office, word processing, spreadsheets, etc. Must display working knowledge of office practice, filing systems, letter composition, format and public relations. Bilingual preferred but not necessary. C. Licensure, Registry, or Certification: Notary certification preferred, but not required. D. Experience: Minimum of (2) years in an office setting and working with the public. One year of full time paid or volunteer related experience (prefer experience in working with people with disabilities. E. Physical/Special Demands: Auditory acuity to respond to telephone communication from fellow employees/providers and patients, and communicate verbally to same. Must be able to comprehend and communicate verbally and in writing. Must exhibit organizational skills. Must be able to communicate effectively with agencies, clients, and staff. Must display cognitive skills that allow planning, organizing and communicating. Must be able to problem solve in a calm manner in a stressful situation. Must be able to sit for prolonged periods of time while performing data entry, writing or attending meetings. Must have dependable transportation for day time travel.